'At the Table' Playing Cards

Created by Arynlei

Each card uniquely inspired by the tables that bring us together.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

40 Cards Down - the end is in sight :)
3 days ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2022 at 06:07:39 AM

Dear Backers,

I’m so so pleased to announce the pip cards (a-10) for the At the Table Deck are finally finished. I have poured countless hours into each and every card, and I am so excited to soon finally be able to tell their stories. psst - you can view them on my website

A timeline update:

Unfortunately, despite dedicating 100% of my efforts to the final illustrations in the last few months, I have reached my estimated design deadline with work still to be done. There will be a delay in when the cards can be delivered as a result. I am obviously disappointed to deliver this news, but am taking full responsibility for my error in timeline estimation.

Ensuring that the quality of the artwork continues to honor the stories shared with me, resulting in the most thoughtful and flushed out final product I’m capable of making, continues to be my highest priority. Your grace, patience, and encouragement continue to be appreciated as I push though the final court cards.

I am looking to the end of April as a new, realistic shipment estimate. The cards could very well come sooner than that, but to account for variables in the lengthy manufacturing process, this is the timeline I feel confident presenting at this time. Again, I can't thank you all enough for bearing with me. I'm just one artist who's putting together something truly magical for you all.

A note on surveys:

94% of you have completed your surveys through Backerkit, but 6% remain unaccounted for.  I need your information to know where to send your backer rewards, so if you have not yet completed your survey, now is the time! 

If you suspect you did not complete your survey, please check your email inbox and spam folder. This morning, I resent reminders to those who have not yet completed the survey, so it should be right at the top. If you have trouble accessing your survey, or need any other assistance with the Backerkit platform, please message me on Kickstarter so I, or a member of the Backerkit team, can assist you. That includes changing your shipping address if necessary :)

Let's keep in touch:

I share card illustration updates as well as general project updates daily over on Instagram (@arynlei) - stop by and say hello! (I'm also very excited to bring you all of the unseen card episodes the moment I'm done designing!)

That's all for now, thanks again so so much for helping me make the largest project of my career a tangible reality. 

See you At the Table,

Taryn | @arynlei

We did it! 🎉🎉🎉
4 months ago – Mon, Aug 15, 2022 at 11:59:32 PM

The 'At the Table' Playing Cards will be entering production this Fall, all thanks to you! 

It cannot be overstated how thankful I am for the energy and support that's been given to this endeavor. When I posted the first card episode back in January, it was just supposed to be a fun side project - an excuse to flex my design skills while making a body of work in response to the pandemic-made social void. 

I didn't know how or even IF I could get the cards made one day. However, in the last few months, I have been able to retire from freelancing entirely to dedicate all of my time and effort to this collection of stories and artworks.  I've also been quietly researching and engaging with the card making & collecting communities to absorb all the manufacturing knowledge necessary to launch this Kickstarter and ensure the BEST possible product lands in the hands of supporters. 

The journey has quite literally changed my career and life and I could not be more grateful.

So what comes next?

In about 2 weeks, you will receive a survey via email to lock in your backer rewards and finalize your shipping address. I'm partnering with Backerkit to make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible, so don't be surprised if you start seeing their branding pop up here and there.

In the coming months, I'll be working my booty off to get the rest of the cards illustrated, prioritizing the design process over the production of episodes so that I can send the cards to manufacturing as soon as possible. I'll be finalizing the tuck box designs, choosing finishes, and taking all the steps necessary to bring these cards to life, all while sharing this process on Instagram and TikTok in lieu of episodes.

Once the hand-off happens and the cards are in production, I'll be able to turn my attention back to episodes. (I also will begin the much-anticipated Book of Stories as a companion to the deck, but hey let's not get too ahead of ourselves in this update 😉) 

How to stay in the loop:

For all the behind the scenes content and to offer input on crucial design decisions, follow me (@arynlei) on Instagram and TikTok. This project will continue to thrive on collaboration so don't miss out on the opportunity to stay involved!

If social media isn't your thing, you can rest assured that all major announcements will be shared here on Kickstarter so no backer misses anything crucial. You don't have to do a thing, anything shared here will hit your email inbox automatically.

Finally, my site (, will act as the central gallery for all visual updates, check in at your leisure to see the newest cards and other design-related progress.

If you have any questions please comment on the project or send me a message! I'm just one person, but I'll do my best to maintain transparency with developments as they happen, and get to everyone as promptly as possible.

With gratitude (and praises because YAY 🎉),

Taryn | @arynlei